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Acrovaya Band started its work in 2005 and after gaining different experiences, it’s continuing its way with the aim of producing albums. This group has five fixed members: Ali Rouhnavaz: Band’s Headman, vocal, lyrics, composer and guitarist; Adel Rouhnavaz: Guitarist, Composer and Arranger; Tohid Noori: Piano and keyboard player; Mojtaba Ghorbani: Bass player; RamtinRoudiani: Drummer.
We are proud to announce that Acrovaya is working with several nice people who are working to advance our common goals unsparingly. Majid rezapour is one them that assisting us as our program manager. Setareh hosseini honored us with her beautiful and effective songs to work with us as lyrics, which we will hear some of her songs in the near future. Ali Ahadi is a Sound recorder who helps us as our DJ sampler in our live performances. Acrovaya’s band rehearsals and practices is held in his studio.

The meaning of the word Acrovaya
Acrovaya is a word combining of two separate words of “Acro” (It’s a Greek word means “Highest”) and Vaya (It’s a Persian word and its definition in Dehkhoda dictionary is “Goal” or “destination”). The ultimate goal for all humans are growth, development and walking the path of immortality. It’s interesting for everyone. By putting a Western and an Eastern words alongside each other, in addition to our universal goal, we wanted to show the Band’s style which is a fusion of East and West music. We hope that by the graciousness of you kind and wonderful people, we perform some works with social subjects in an energetic and active atmosphere that describes the issues that are in your mind.

About US

Acrovaya Members Biography! Click on the images for more Info!

Ali Rohnavaz

Ali Rouhnavaz (September 16, 1987) , the founder and frontman of Acrovaya band. He is a singer , songwriter , composer and multi-instrumentalist. he has composed some film scores.

Adel Rohnavaz

Adel Rouhnavaz (April 29, 1991) is an Electric guitar player who was named the second prize winner in 2014 Mayones Duncan competition. He considers himself as a composer who plays the electric guitar professionally.

Ramtin Roudiani

Ramtin Roudiani (September 15 ,1991) is a self taught drummer and start playing drums when he was 16 . he played in some cover bands .after that joined to acrovaya in 2010.

Tohid Noori

Tohid Noori (December 17, 1990) is an Iranian composer, keyboardist, pianist, and music arranger. He has been teaching piano since 2010.In 2008, he won the first prize in playing classical piano in Guilan.

Mojtaba Ghorbani

Mojtaba Ghrobani (October 13, 1987) is a bass guitar player. He is a manager of a music school and also he has been awarded first place in bass guitar at the play along festival at the sorna music academy.

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